ComA, Architecture and Design


ComA, Architecture and Design was set up in Lisbon in 2004 by the architects Hugo Guerreiro and Paulo Street.

Our architecture is not about adherence to one particular language but about finding an individual language for each project. Rather than seeking common elements, ComA aims to work with differences: the idea of innovation is what inspires us.

For each project we assemble a multidisciplinary team, incorporating architecture, design and 3D modelling (ComA 3D), in a reflection of our belief that diversity leads to insight.

This approach to architectural practice enables us to experiment with new concepts and to respond to the requirements and preferences of our clients.

We believe that each project is unique and, as such, requires a personalised team and meticulous planning and attention.

We have an extensive portfolio of commissions, and work predominantly between the medium scale of service-related projects and the micro scale of the individual house – in other words, on the modification of existing constructions.

Complementing ComA’s architectural practice is ComA 3D, a semi-independent department which works exclusively in the field of virtual modelling.

Whilst ComA undertakes the design, execution and management of each project, ComA 3D concentrates exclusively on this area of virtual research as a means of testing new ideas and methods of communication, maintaining a level of intellectual enquiry and keen critical judgement.

Paulo Street was born in Lisbon in 1971 and graduated in 1994 from the Architecture Faculty of the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (FAUTL). He completed specialised studies in the Restoration of Historic Buildings and Monuments in 1994 and a postgraduate course in Construction in 1998, both at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST).

He was a Research Scholar at the IST between 1998 and 2000, and was Visiting Lecturer at FAUTL between 2000 and 2002. He has worked with the Adalberto Tenreiro architectural practice in Macau and, in Portugal, with Eduardo Trigo de Sousa, LCM Arquitectos, Luís Costa and Zinho Antunes, amongst others.

In 2003 he set up as an independent architect.

Hugo Guerreiro was born in Lisbon in 1975 and graduated in architecture in 1999 from the Universidade Lusíada of Lisbon. In 2004 he completed the Conclusão – Estudos e Formação Property Management Course.

He has worked with Atelier Difusor de Arquitectura, Olavo Dias Arquitectos, LCM Arquitectos, Luís Costa and Zinho Antunes.

Established himself as an independent architect in 2004.

Associated Architects
Paulo Street, Hugo Guerreiro

Eduardo Trigo de Sousa, João Góis, Margarida Ventosa, Renata Neves, João Caneças, João Covas, João Azevedo, Bruno Pereira, Pedro Antunes, Bruno Marcelino, Gabriella Serra, André Antunes, Pedro Matias, Ivo Sales Costa, Adriana Carvalho, Ana Margarida Fernandes, Tiago Ornelas, Paulo Nunes, Teresa Almeida, João Fernandes, Mariana Moura, Rui Baltazar

Graphic Design
Rúben Dias, Emanuel Barreira, Raquel Strech, Tânia Raposo, Alexandre Relvão, Ricardo Dantas, João Espirito Santo

Item Zero, Design Gráfico; JAG – João Alexandre Góis, arquitectos; Zinho Antunes, Planeamento e Arquitectura, Lda.; Afaconsult; Estudio Francisco J. Mangado Pretago, Lda.; 3D Room – João Costa; Edifiteca Engenharia

Landscape Architecture
Adelaide Trigo de Sousa, Marta Byrne, David Flores, Marta Byrne, Veras Ramos

Structures Engineering
Tiago Serralheiro, Rodrigo Didelet, Rui Silva, Tiago Antunes, Pedro Antunes, Miguel Ferreira, NeoGet, Enes Consulting, Edifiteca

Mechanical Engineering
José Galvão Teles, José Nobre, Rafael Lourenço, Nuno Coelho, Jorge Paixão, NeoGet, Enes Consulting, Edifiteca

Electrical Engineering and Communications
Ruben Sobral, Luís Beirão, Nuno Costa, NeoGet, Enes Consulting, Edifiteca

Luís Cotrim, Miguel Ferreira, NeoGet, Enes Consulting, Edifiteca

Tiago Serralheiro, Victor Reis, Nuno Costa, NeoGet, Enes Consulting, Edifiteca

Energy Certification and Acoustics
Rodrigo Didelet, Jorge Paixão, NeoGet, Enes Consulting, Edifiteca

Cost Control and Management
António Pereira, Gandara

Fernando Vieira, Pascoal Monteiro, Lda., António Ascenção Coelho & Filhos, S.A., Land2Build

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obras e projectos – works and projects, 2010